Tuesday, May 14, 2013

With Paul's help, the jacuzzi shell is now buried, ready to be leveled, the guava bog pit next to it filled hugelkultur style with logs, Super Poop, clay cat litter and sand from the jacuzzi hole. Next to plant the guava in the center, mulch the soil mound, plant 'Fife Creek' okra, Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato and Mojito Mint, apply dilute fish emulsion and other nutrients, trim away the excess pond liner, then water slowly and deeply. Only things remaining to plant in this large food forest project is an Everbearing Mulberry, a Strawberry Guava, and outside border plantings of Gandule Beans and Jack Beans and mixed sunflowers. The the entire area then gets mulched with dead tithonia stalks, tree branches and leaves and chipped tree mulch. By summer's end it should be a cool productive oasis with the jacuzzi set up with plant biofilters and goldfish for lounging with friends. Good chance I'll plant peanuts as the main ground cover crop to help boost vegetable protein production here.

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