Thursday, May 23, 2013

After a lot of him-hawing as to how to keep separate the new-to-me Sweet Potatoes I am trialing this year I today decided to plant the rooted cuttings of Andy Firk's green stem form of Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato around the Strawberry Guava in the northwest corner of the food forest, fully opposite the Purple Stem Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato, also from ECHO, that one of his guests gave me a few pieces of vine of, that are in the guava bog garden at the southeast corner. I planted in my FRONT yard west bed by the rambling roses two of Jon and Debbie Butt's super-productive sweet potato. I'm still very likely going to plant normal peanuts as the primary ground cover in the food forest. I've grown 'Puerto Rico Gold' in the round garden fenced off from the chickens fairly close to my bedroom for years now, the southeast bed is planted solely with 'Satsuma Imo', now a definite favorite due to its savory vs. sweet taste (see pic) and in my west bed I grow the "Filipino White" I was given by my Filipino neighbor Margie in is a RAMPANT grower with especially abundant TENDER bright green leaves. I eat many of my sweet potatoes raw but also loved them sliced and fried in coconut oil with a dash of roasted sesame oil and sea salt. I want next to try Tim and Cathy's mashed sweet potatoes with a TON of garlic and butter they brought to one of my potlucks!

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