Tuesday, May 28, 2013

For the last year I've bartered my organically grown herbs, edible flowers and seasonal produce with south Tampa's Wimauma restaurant for scraps to feed my flocks. Recent changes there are a wake up call as to just how far I've strayed from my original goal of feeding my flocks of chickens and Muscovy ducks primarily from my own gardens and kitchen scraps, to great dependency on input from area restaurants and their dumpsters. I eat very little meat, so there is no reason for me to have thirteen adult chickens, a rooster, two young chickens and eleven Muscovy ducks, mostly aggressive males, especially since the ducks have rendered weed free two big areas that were they not there I could grow summer crops in. So over the last few months I've eaten down the freezer then re-arranged it to create room for prepared carcasses. Plus I feel I may have devised an even quicker, largely fear-free means of dispatching them as an ex-vegan and ex-vegetarian who finds it difficult to kill them. Time to re-visit raising Black Soldier Fly larvae, revisit simple roach farms between pieces of carpet, and increase my production of duck weed plus create an azolla pond once more. While trading for restaurant scraps is cheaper than buying often-GMO commercial poultry food, it still means driving and allocating time for three trips weekly and dependency on outside inputs that can suddenly dry up. This new awareness makes me glad I am trialing new-to-me high protein legumes. But reducing the size of my flocks is a crucial first step.

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