Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I've met quite a few folks who tried eating differing ways and what worked best for their body chemistry clearly was strict veganism...they looked radiantly healthy and had been a long time. Others tell me they feel best as ovo-lacto vegetarians. Plenty of people are like me....healthiest by far as omnivore to some degree, which makes sense as our physiology, like that of the Great Apes, is classically omnivorous. Some vegans and vegetarians I've known were NOT healthy but persisted due to their philosophical commitment, and part of knowing then was listening to their perennial health complaints (tempting to tell them to just go eat a big fucking steak but I never did!). Then you have the militant "born again" vegans who are every bit as spiteful and judgmental as the Westboro Baptists, which actually sets their cause back...who wants to be around someone who ignores or even denies your own diet-related health experiences because they don't mirror their vegan agenda?

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