Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Great productive day...the guava bog garden is completed with its hugelkultur style filling, planted with Purple Stem Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato, Mojito Mint, Fife Creek okra, with the guava in the got a wonderful deep saturating watering. The Raja Puri banana is now planted in the GIANT bog garden along with the Scarlet Mombin, with kabocha squash in the center. Next go Jack Beans along the east fence, gandule beans along the west fence, an Everbearing Mulberry in the ground at the NW corner of the food forest, and the Strawberry Guava in a buried 55 gallon Water Wise Container Garden about 15 feet east of it. The moringa is coppiced in that hot sand, so next I'll build a hugelkultur mound around it now that I've rigged a LONG hose to my new washing machine (thanks Dad!) then mulch the whole food forest garden obsessively from now on. Lesbos basil gets planted around the base of the moringa tree. I'm thinking of planting a mix of maybe a dozen molokhiya plants and 2 Caribbean Red papaya seedlings in the giant bog garden, with peanuts as the primary ground cover for the whole area. I'll be adding mixed sunflowers and Blue Pea Vine and old fashioned tall-growing red and lavender pentas for color, bees and butterflies. By the end of August this area could well be the crown jewel of my south Tampa urban farm. Lounging in the tarp shaded bio-filtered natural jacuzzi alone or with friends will be a delight, with gold fish keeping the water free of wrigglers.

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