Monday, May 13, 2013

I've had hundreds of vivid flying dreams over the years, but last night's was uniquely fun. I was in the driver's seat of my previous car, a white 1998 Dodge Caravan, it was moving forward in a very high orbit above the earth, higher than the space station. I wondered why I could breathe okay and was not freezing, saw it as a predicament but had very little fear...concern was more like it. For some reason, a 5 inch length of an aluminum ruler was essential to my safe return, but one end has been cut jaggedly and at an off angle. So I picked up a mini electric saw about the size of a barber's razor, opened up the right sliding door and hung half out in space half in so as to recut the ruler......I think I did not want the metal shavings in the cabin. At first I was afraid to look down (in real life I get nervous on 6 foot ladders!) but did and liked the view...the van and I were EASILY 200 miles up, likely more due to the curvature of the Earth. When I spun the saw blades against the rough end of the aluminum ruler the momentum slowly pushed me out of the van into space but I nervously grabbed the door frame, noticing the metal filings quickly trailing behind the van, realizing just how FAST I was orbiting. I finished, went back inside, closed the door and crawled back into the driver's seat. I don't know what I did with the ruler but it worked and I felt I had control of the van. I laid on the horn once, which somehow broke orbit and I started to descend. I oddly, calmly realized that I would soon be facing a fiery re-entry and crash landing, but again saw it as a predicament but I was not afraid. But within maybe 20 seconds I saw below me a big mown field with a bustling crowd around a baroque looking red airplane the size of an airliner that had just landed. I came to a very gentle landing and some of the reporters and crowd around the plane came over and once out of my van I told them what had just happened. Then the celebrity in the plane who was the reason for the press and crowd came over and I told him what had happened and that how odd it was I could breathe okay and not freeze while in orbit. Dream ended. I almost always wake up in a good mood, but ESPECIALLY so after a flying dream, and did once again after this very special flying dream. A grand day was assured!

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