Tuesday, May 7, 2013

On the way home from Brittany's event I stopped at Mary Jo's to give her seeds and perennial peanut hay rhizomes...she grows culantro effortlessly and perennially there where it self sows like crazy in brief full sun daily but mostly dappled sunlight in rich moist soil in container gardens vs. the ground. She gave me a nice clump plus some seeds. Yesterday I planted the clump (decided to not divide it) in the center of the Water Wise Container Garden I grew Corn Salad in this winter (modified scavenged concrete mixing tub) then today I will work in the seeds around it then give a feeding of dilute fish emulsion. I rigged this "shade house" using a scavenged milk crate and trellis scrap in hopes of mitigating the intense heat and light on my back porch. I'd love to grow culantro en masse and use it and Mojito Mint and spices to make big batches of mint chutney now and then. My past efforts to grow this substitute for cilantro utterly failed...she and others suggest maybe it was because I didn't use rich, humusy enough soil and grew it too dry and in too intense sunlight. Fingers crossed this time! I see big bags of the leaves at the Oceanic Market...next time I am there I'll ask if it is locally grown like much of their other produce.

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