Saturday, May 4, 2013

Thank you Joel Salatin for turning me onto the concept of controlled grazing for weed control....with spring's arrival then all that rain my back east bed that features above ground container gardens and two below ground ones, plus own root citrus, moringa, yams, water chestnuts and a perennial bed of Satsuma Imo sweet potatoes, up has sprouted an abundant crop of RAPIDLY growing bidens and Balsam Apple seedlings. The turnips are harvested, so today I opened up one end of the chicken barrier fence to let them feast for two weeks or so like I did last spring. Sure they will buzz down the sweet potatoes emerging growth, but it will recover. Hard to believe that 4-5 weeks ago that bed was TIDY looking vs. how it looks today pre-chicken invasion! Once it is all cleared out I am planting along the inside of the chicken barrier fence "Joyner Butter Beans" ( a cow pea), lima beans and seedlings of Caribbean Red papaya and mixed sunflowers

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