Friday, September 19, 2014

I am getting very good germination from seeds of my "Filipino Mexican Tree Pepper" from pods that I let dry indoors for a few weeks...once they are taller I'll separate them and plant them around the yard as I now have a few in large Water Wise Container Gardens. I hope that the folks I mailed pods to get good germination rates also. Years ago Allen Boatman IDd it as a perennial form of Capsicum frutescens and devised this study name for it based on details from my Filipino Joe who gave me my seeds in 2001 as I recall. That original plant was in the ground, averaged 5' X 5' and made hundreds if not thousands of pods each year...the flavor and heat is on par with a good Thai pepper. That plant lived 8 years until a hard freeze nuked it

Mary Jo sent me this wonderful overview of garlic cultivars. Racombole was the one that took over my Denver front yard due to the scapes bearing and dropping vast numbers of bulblets that each became a whole new bulb. I tried both the bulbs and bulblets from my Denver yard here several times but they failed quickly...a shame as the flavor and aroma was wonderfully pungent. It is a true hard neck that needs winter dormancy. The scapes twisted oddly as they grew, much resembling those old "crazy straws" for kids.