Friday, May 17, 2013

After  considering many options for the placement and manner of planting the Everbearing Mulberry that Andy Firk gave me, I this morning dug a bushel basket-sized hole near the east fence of the nearly complete food forest out back, tossed in two sections of very old log, several heaping handfuls of dried poop from the hen house, a generous handful each of food grade potassium chloride (for water softeners), dolomite, trace elements and dicalcium phosphate, maybe a cup of fish emulsion, a three gallon pot full of horse stall sweepings, and about 10 pounds of cheap unscented Publix white clay cat litter, all covered with about 6 inches of the sand dug out of the hole, then planted the young shrub fairly deeply. Later today I will apply about 6 inches of chipped tree trimmings mulch then give the area a slow DEEP watering. My feeling is that any growth east through the fence can be chicken fodder, and growth that extends far enough west to impede my walking through the food forest, can be chopped and dropped onto the mulch layer. When I think of how much I liked the flavor of the berries on Andy's bush I am psyched to imagine feasting on my own year round!

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