Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I used to think that cross pollination could not possibly affect fruit flavor, just traits in seedlings from those fruits/crops. But now I have doubts for a few reasons....LOTS of reports of this from reputable farmers and gardeners around the world, plus the remarkable discoveries being made about RNA and plant evolution that I am trying to get my mind around and that REALLY challenge long held views about DNA. I feel like I may have seen it happen here with my Malva sylvestris seeds from my Denver garden. These RNA discoveries not only lend further credence to Punctuated Equilibrium Darwinian Evolution theory, but even the long discredited theory of evolution that preceded it. (I forget his name but a classic example was his proposal that giraffes got their long necks by reaching for leaves and passing that trait on IMMEDIATELY to their offspring). And there is growing evidence that the first forms of life here were based on RNA vs. DNA. I LOVE scientific inquiry when it is not bogged down by dogma or politics. This RNA research is both exciting and humbling to me as a man who sees himself as generally "science literate" !!!

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