Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today my yard helper Paul and I buried that 55 gallon Water Wise Container Garden I drilled the side drainage holes in a few days ago in the northwest corner of my center food forest, filled the barrel hugelkultur style with dead tithonia stalks, old leaves and long dead pulled weeds, horse stall cleanings, cheap white clay cat litter, a few handfuls of trace elements, a few pounds of dolomite to insure a near neutral pH, and a little "Super Poop" from the stable grooming platform, then planted in it one of the Strawberry Guavas I bought from H.E.A.R.T.. Other then some annual veggies and Okinawa Purple Sweet potatoes from Andy Firk and the primary ground cover (likely edible peanuts from Publix) all the planting is done!!! Woo HOO! All this summer I will be adding leaves, chop and drop green branches and dead tithonia stalks to bury that formerly hot sugar sand (enriched by nearly a year of several Muscovy ducks pooping in there!) in a thick layer of sheet compost and humus formers. Paul buried in a fenced off sweet potato patch that 'Christmas' loquat Andy kindly gave me last year that has been thriving in a 7 gallon Water Wise Container Garden. That whole bed gets a deep soaking, then in goes dead tithonia branches, horse stall sweepings etc. all summer for the sweet potatoes to regrow up through. (they were buzzed down to the ground during the two weeks the chickens could get in there to eat the bidens and other weeds).

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