Monday, May 13, 2013

Poop Alert! There is a MOUNTAIN of pesticide-free horse poop at Sail Away Farms in south Tampa across the street from my gym Joe Abrahams Fitness Center at Ballast Point Park. Pull up to the gate, ignore the No Trespassing sign, open the gate and use the orange highway cone to keep it open, pull in, GET OUT OF THE CAR AND CLOSE THE GATE, drive back to the barn and enter, drive to the can't miss the pile!! No need to speak to anyone, just fill your containers and leave......CLOSE THE GATE!!!! Elizabeth LOVES it when people take her poop Monday through Friday. She uses all natural methods for fly control unlike many stables. I've been getting free poop from there since 1999 when there was a different owner. Today I got approx. 100 lbs. of the "Super Poop" for tomorrow's hugelkultur filling of the guava pit plus some of the fluffy stuff from the pile. So nice to have the use of my hand back, pain 99% gone after that horrible cat bite infection,went to the gym to tell him I resume my workouts Wednesday. He LOVES the thornless cactus pads, helps him control his diabetes so I am taking him a big bag Wednesday. The stable cleanings are a mix of alfalfa hay, wood shavings, poop and urine, makes wonderful compost and potting soil!

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  1. Hi John,

    I'm a relatively novice gardener who is very interested in permaculture. Thank you very much for all of the great info you have here in your blog. I just recently discovered it, but I'm really enjoying going through the posts. And I will definitely check out this stable some time soon. I'm also interested in experimenting with your waterwise containers. That's a great idea!