Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Last fall I noticed in the gardens of a very secretive Korean gardener a few blocks from me what I could tell from my Denver days was a species of plantain (Plantago species vs. musa). He knows no English and he and his wife are very reclusive, but they finally timidly DID come to the door so I could try to ask about a few of their crops. They had pulled up every plantain from the large container garden and laid them atop a hedge to dry in the sun...but I just could not understand how they intended to use them. The wild plantains in Denver were way too tough and bitter for me, but his looked tender and succulent.....I don't know if that was because it is a different species, or if because he keeps his tiny front yard very damp, relying heavily on MANY buried buckets (I'd LOVE to know if the drainage holes are on the bottom or on the sides near the bottom like my WWCGs!) He gave me a few seed spikes that day and I just now planted some of the tiny dark seeds in a 4 gallon Water Wise Container Garden made from a scavenged decorative pot filled with rich damp compost placed in LIGHT shade cast by my avocado tree. I'll give the soil a high nitrogen, nutrient rich "tea" I brewed 9 gallons of over the last ten days to hopefully insure lush growth. I'm assuming it is the species in this link, looked like it for sure.

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