Thursday, May 23, 2013

Last fall Michael Spinelli in Lake Wales mailed me cow pea seeds that I find VERY his greenhouse he'd grown both 'Whippoorwill' and a Thai Yard Long vigna that fully consumed the interior of the greenhouse as they intertwined. He harvested 'Whippoorwill' pods that had formed RIGHT next to Yard Long pods and he felt a cross was very likely due to intense ant activity the entire growing season. The seeds look cool, the color of 'Clay' but a little bigger and covered with a lovely network of zebra-like markings. I just now planted several in an 18 gallon Water Wise Container Garden in the kitchen garden with a TALL tomato cage, which I expect they will outgrow. If so I will run a strong line to the nearby avocado tree so they can run up into the branches.

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