Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Years ago when I first met Allen Boatman we devised this "study name" for a perennial pepper I'd gotten years prior from my Filipino neighbor Joe. The split second Allen saw my monster 6' X 6' plant he went nuts and said it was a form of Capsicum frutescens. It lived for 7-8 years with just a hard cut back and feeding each spring and bore many thousands of peppers on par with Thai peppers as regards heat and flavor. Then I lost it to a hard freeze but two years later found some old pods and started a new one that is in an 18 gallon Water Wise Container Garden in my south bed. It made some pods and I now have some seedlings popping up! I want to have half a dozen growing here so I can go back to making various hot sauces in bulk plus share seeds with gardeners who want an endless supply of hot peppers.

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