Monday, April 21, 2014

Thanks to antibiotics from my neighbor Theresa that hand-sized skin infection on the side of Cracker's belly is MUCH better as is his energy and appetite (thankfully he wolfs down the stew containing the Doxycycline). Over the years I've seen plenty of "hot spots" but this was very different....almost scary as it seemed systemic. South Tampa's beaches have been closed for days now due to bacteria and years ago I was told by local fisherman that the reason we see mullets in south Tampa's lakes is because they are connected to the bay. Twice before this outbreak Cracker had plunged repeatedly into the lake at the dog park at the south end of Himes...before that his skin was PERFECT, with actual hot spots from oak pollen cured by one bath and one neem tree leaf tea dip, so I feel almost certain that this very painful upsetting issue was caused by bacteria in that stories said the ones at nearby Picnic Island and Davis Island beaches are called "enterococci" (sp?). From now on I will do my best to monitor bacteria levels at Picnic Island as years ago, Sweety got a terrible skin infection and I got a bad UTI by swimming and wading there a few hours the day BEFORE they closed the beach. Cracker is usually such a happy care free dog, so this has been very hard on him and heart breaking for me to witness. That hand-sized area yesterday finally healed enough for me to apply Neosporin, but he still yelped. Be careful folks! If I walk him at that park again I will keep him out of that lake!!! I hope the people I see fishing at both spots cook those fish THOROUGHLY!

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