Thursday, April 24, 2014

For years I've hated/fought the male paper mulberries that invade my yard from the lot east of me, but I'm learning to see them as an on-site source of biomass. Here is the base of what will be a very thick chop and drop mulch layer in the center food forest. Next layer will be greatly overgrown Estrella chaya and Tithonia diversifolia. My hope is that the final THICK layer will put a stop to a fine bladed annual (thankfully!) grass that appeared mid summer last year yet still let the sweet potato vines up through it all. Plus this should do wonders to keep the soil moist and cool as the leaves drop off and decay, with the stalks and branches being sources of lignin. I've been considering trying this experiment since late last summer, nice to see it beginning! This area contains a giant bog garden that was once a lined fish pond that I turned into a huge Water Wise Container Garden by punching the sides about 2 feet from the bottom, a smaller lined bog garden that is home to my guava, Okinawa Purple Sweet Potato, Mojito Mint plus a buried jacuzzi that will be filled and use plants to process the water as a place to sit in and cool off beneath a decorative tarp, a Moringa and Neem and Everbearing Mulberry and Scarlet Mombin tree, Vietnamese pomegranate, a chayote vine going up a tower and with Jack Beans on the east side fence, a fish pond, plus my huge edible thornless Opuntia cactus.

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