Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Allen Boatman has confirmed that the species of Goose Foot that he gave me babies of last year in a one gallon pot originated on Jon and Debbie Butts' EcoFarm in Plant City, Florida. Thankfully the tiny stunted looking plants reseeded into the damp, fertile baby pool garden I had set the pot into and all this winter the seedlings have grown vibrantly. They are now almost three feet tall and just starting to bloom so I should be able to harvest a LOT of seeds to share. The leaves are wonderfully mild and tender, zero bitterness whereas some chenopods, like quinoa, are high in bitter saponins. After many of my failed attempts, this is the first Chenopod to do well for me here in Tampa after growing several varieties effortlessly in my Denver gardens for fifteen years....there they reseeded to the point of being a welcomed "weed"! Allen is a brilliant plantsman, generous, and an all-around nice guy. Lots of gardeners in the area still miss his passionate, innovative stewardship of the land at the sadly now-long-closed Falkenburg Jail Gardens.

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