Wednesday, April 9, 2014

During a break in the rain yesterday I made several divisions of that wonderful, "perennial in Tampa" mystery mint that appeared here years ago as a seedling that I thought that I'd lost. Most are in one gallon pots, I made a BIG tree pot colony to insure I never lose it again, plus a three gallon. There should be enough runners to make 5-6 more one gallon ones from that surviving one gallon pot due to the runners being so dense. All are in that same baby pool with the usual few inches of water. They should be share-able in 6 weeks or so. Debbie King found growing wild in Lowry Park a wild pungent mint that due to the pic she posted on FaceBook I suspect might be a native Pennyroyal...she got a chunk for me!

Debbie's wild mint:

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