Saturday, April 5, 2014

I tried to grow Kenaf 'Everglades 41' last spring but lost the seedlings to drought and errant chickens so with the chill behind us I'll look for my seeds and try again. All the kenafs have yellow okra like flowers, but the leaves can range from looking like cannabis to looking like sycamore leaves...the latter are better for eating for people. This could be a good forage crop for chickens, goats and cattle plus a great source of biomass for deep mulching. The plant that for the last several years has been sold and shared as kenaf that has magenta-burgundy blooms came originally from my yard was unfortunately and mistakenly renamed by that herbalist as kenaf when in fact it is Hibiscus radiatus. It is my hope that permaculturists and gardeners will seek out and test seeds of the various real kenafs out there. Here is a very thorough overview:

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