Friday, April 4, 2014

Each spring my back east bed that is home to a few citrus, a Cereus peruvianus, a moringa and possibly soon the Elderberry that Paul Zmoda gave me for my 60th birthday last August, true yams, plus several container gardens, SUDDENLY gets VERY over run with bidens, pellitory and other weeds. So I try to protect the containers' crops with various scavenged things then open up the north end so the chickens will enter. They are so used to it being closed off that today I had to throw a few handfuls of dry dog food nuggets just inside to lure them in. Last year they cleaned it out completely in three weeks. This year, after the bed is closed off again, I'll be planting quite a few of Jon and Debbie Butts' hyper-aggressive sweet potato in hopes of choking out summer weed growth while adding to my food supply. Important I remove the covers that don't transmit light once they are in the hen house at dusk and leave them off until 11 AM when I let the chickens back to insure the crops get some sunshine.

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