Monday, April 21, 2014

I've long heard of the South American crop Yacon, so thanks to Charlei Scott who gave me a baby at ROOTS in St. Pete I now have one! I took the advice given me by a few folks and planted the tiny little baby in a peat pot in the center of a 1/3 barrel Water Wise Container Garden beneath my avocado tree where it is growing like crazy. I'm hopeful it does better for me than do the related Sunchokes (also contain inulin vs. conventional carbs) that grew RAMPANTLY in my Denver yard. Since the Arrow Root rhizome that Josh Jamison gave me about a year ago thrived in an identical barrel garden right next to it, gave me a good harvest to eat and share and is now regrowing from an unharvested rhizome, I hope this Yacon does just as well.

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