Thursday, April 17, 2014

I didn't want to get cocky because my back is so much better and re-damage it so my yard helper Paul and I worked together to get all the containers of horse poop, 4 bags of leaves and 3 bags of Publix cat litter from the front yard all the way to the back south bed bed. As I applied varying layers he dug out eight 5 gallon buckets of soil from a long dormant giant Restricted Drainage Container Garden (shaded out by the now giant Jamaican Cherry tree) to add body to all the organic matter. Next I set the sprinkler in there for a DEEP soak to settle it all in and hydrate all the varying components. If it pours tomorrow so much the better! Then next week I paint the exterior with semi-gloss white exterior to make it last for years in the harsh sunlight. This summer I'll grow okra and Currant Tomatoes in it. Nice to see it done after two years of him-hawing as to where and how to use it!

As we applied the varying layers I sprinkled in trace elements, dolomite, food grade potassium chloride, phosphate, chicken poop. After the deep soaking I'll plant seeds of okra (not sure if my usual fave "Fife Creek" or the Abelmoschus calleili that Jim Mannino gave me) and in the center, one of my two strains of Currant Tomato (Lycopersicon pimpinellifolium). 70-80% rain chance tomorrow!

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