Monday, April 7, 2014

EXCELLENT news here today...some years ago I had a chance mint seedling appear in a Baby Pool Water Wise Container...from where it came I have no clue. The scent and flavor was excellent, growth VERY vigorous via underground runners, somewhat low growing, made a dense mat, TRULY perennial, reminded me of both Chocolate Mint and Candy Mint. But I let that baby pool dry out when my Dad was ill and I was out of Tampa a lot and so I just resigned to having lost it. Well today while continuing the revamp of the huge south bed I moved plants in a baby pool that always has standing water in it for thirsty plants, and there behind a bamboo I had propagated for Dad was a VERY healthy one gallon plant of that mystery mint! Most mints are short lived in central and south Florida vs. being invasive in northern climates, and while Mojito Mint (from Cuba) thrives here, it is not very minty plus some folks find the flavor biting and sharp. So I am going to divide this into several one gallon pots, then fill a large tree pot with soil, lower it into the water and sprig it so I can grow it in quantity. Woo hoo! The mints I bought last year from My Mother's Garden to trial here, Kentucky Colonel Mint and Swiss Mint, did just okay at best, hardly thriving despite fussing over them, so I need to get this Mystery Mint out there in other gardeners' hands.

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