Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In Denver, Plantago major (White Man's Footprint) is a hated lawn weed and a cherished forage plant both as food and medicine, but I rarely see it here though the lance leaf one is common in parks. Raw it is very bitter but I chop some into salads, stir fry or, like yesterday, spaghetti sauce just fine. The giant leafed form of Plantago major that my non-English speaking Korean neighbor gave me a few seeds of 2 years ago and that self sowed into a small Water Wise Container Garden somehow and that THRIVED this winter, is now setting a very nice crop of seeds. I'd love to know if the hugeness of the leaves is due to the variety, or rich conditions in that container garden as they utterly dwarf any I've seen anywhere. I noticed it is a staple of Chinese medicine. I've already gathered MANY seeds and will have thousands more within 2 weeks. It will be fun this fall and winter to see just how many self sowed in that garden area beneath my avocado tree!

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