Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wow....rapid progress on that NASTY south bed that got so messy and cluttered and UNproductive during the time some Muscovy ducks lived in there. It was DEFINITELY a mistake to let Cassia alata self sow in there as a POSSIBLE nitrogen fixer...all are dug up and added to the massive pile of green waste all around the banana. Next in goes a border of white seeded sorghum, sunflowers, gandule beans and milkweed vine, clitorea terneata vine, mystery white sweet potato, plus a mass planting (albeit late) of nasturtiums. Soon the giant concrete birdbath gets fresh white paint all over, then blue paint inside the dish to add a "perky" focal point in the center of this very large area fenced off from the chickens that is home to my grumichama, Estrella chaya, Jamaican Cherry, Picuda chaya, Orinoco banana, papaya, purple ubes, 'Triumph' grape, asparagus, Barbados Cherry, 55 gallon rain barrel, chicken slaughtering area and a very large kiddy pool garden that the ducks destroyed long ago. There's hope for this gay guy who is way too much a slob to be actually gay!

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