Tuesday, March 18, 2014

At ROOTS last Saturday a tall slim young man had a tassle of this in his hand and gave some seeds to Bob Linde and me. He called it "white seeded sorghum" but wrote the varietal name on our coin envelopes. He said it gets 10 feet tall and bears very heavily, great chicken food. In the late 80s/early 90s in Denver I grew a common brown seeded one named "milo" that is often seen in bird seed mixes and chicken feed. In Denver I used to cook milo like rice as is done in Africa. Here I've grown one called 'Honey Sweet" but both have brown seeds and for me grew maybe 6-7 feet tall. I'm completely redoing my south bed that got horribly messy during the time the Muscovy ducks lived in there and will likely sow the seeds along the anti-chicken fence line in an effort to grow a LOT of seeds for future seasons and to share. So encouraging to see permaculture and organic gardening being embraced by young people 1/3 my age, with their teaching me new things!



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