Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Last year Andy Firk gave me one as a present, and even though I failed to keep it damp enough and it wilted a few times (even though it is in a buried 7 gallon Water Wise Container Garden in the center of my round dedicated sweet potato garden fence off from the chickens) it still bloomed and fruited. THE biggest best tasting loquats I've ever eaten! Andy says that young loquats are notoriously thirsty, so I've given the entire garden plus the bucket a few deep waterings, and am now mulching the entire garden with old logs, oak leaves...branches...the finale' will be a THICK mulching with fresh green Tithonia diversifolia branches. I'll be curious if the sweet potato vines will be able to make it up through all that, plus if by next winter that layer will have decayed enough to allow me to harvest the sweet potatoes. The 4 foot tall fence all around the garden supports several African Jack Beans (Canavalia ensiformis). I'll keep folks posted on how this unfolds, though I wish I'd thought to take pics of the huge fruits in my hand before I ate them all!

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