Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I broke up that clump of "EcoFarm Clumping Onion" that Debbie Butts gave me at the TRFC meeting into three: just planted one in the giant tree pot out front that is home to my "Fairmount Red" rose, will look for places in the back yard for the other two. I am mindful that she and Jon Butts said to lift them with the tops die back else the bulbs will rot underground this summer. I can see readily why they both said it is VERY different from the evergreen "EcoFarm Multiplying Onion" that has been thriving in the ground in a front roses bed ever since I bought them from them last fall at the Twilight Market at Roosevelt 2.0.....that one reminds me of a pregnant scallion. Thanks to them both for adding to my perennial alliums obsession! The clumper reminds me of White Potato Onions.....I'll be sure to do close comparisons as they grow, especially when I lift both to see the bulbs' sizes and colors.

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