Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm discovering that Jon and Debbie Butt's mystery sweet potato is EVEN more productive than I thought as I clean up the front yard for spring! Turns out that even though I repeatedly pulled up vines that had snaked across the pathways into roses and perennials gardens, many managed to make sweet potatoes in those beds where the vines touched the ground! It was a BIG mistake to plant them in my west bed of rambling roses out front as the vines were virtually unstoppable despite me and my yard helper Paul pulling them up repeatedly all summer, so I will remove them ALL and plant starts in my east and west beds out back to hopefully choke out weeds for me this year as it is no longer practical to let the chickens into either due to all the productive container gardens in there. Thanks for this truly amazing cultivar, whatEVER it is!

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