Friday, March 14, 2014

Last year Josh Jamison shared with me a species leek that is apparently truly perennial in a colder climate. Initially the vigor was INSANE, with the clumps dividing wildly (see pics). But then here and there at H.E.AR.T. they went into a rapid nose dive, even though their gardens get MUCH colder than mine in south Tampa. This year I am growing MANY of the conventional leek 'American Flag', which in colder climates is a biennial. So today I did an experiment here...pulled up two leeks for a sweet potato/ham stir fry, cut off the lower two inches of each, will let dry a while then replant and label with a mini-blind to see if they regrow. IF they do will repeat to see if I can force leeks to be "perennial" vs. biennial, or, as is usually the case in Tampa, a winter annual.

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