Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Live and learn....for quite some time I've enjoyed sharing what I know about gardening with folks, and have supported quite a few young people in the area in their efforts to become good gardeners and promote permaculture and sustainable living. But in the future I'll try to be more discerning about a person's character beneath the perky public persona and charm and self-promotion.....it has been disappointing to realize that a couple are far more focused on being "celebrities" at a young age than actually mastering their crafts, that one makes it a habit to not pay suppliers and farmers, another habitually steals from botanic gardens...plus I don't take kindly to my St. Pete Times articles and blog being plagiarized, or my class handouts being copied then passed out as being their own. I've long been told that I am too trusting....I don't want to sacrifice that, but WILL try to determine better a person's ethics before lending them my support, regardless of their age. Live and learn!

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