Friday, March 21, 2014

Dog allergy issues seem to be rampant this spring here in central Florida, and unlike Sweety, Cracker got just 3 days of relief from a tea bag of Magic 8 Allergy Tea added to his food vs. 2-3 weeks. I just gave Cracker a bath in the tub, toweled him off, then drenched his coat with 1/2 gallon Neem leaf tea from the tree that Vicki Parsons gave me some years back, left it on. I'll let folks know if this helps his skin inflamed by all the pollens. I noticed two days ago that his whole belly was inflamed and had very sensitive raw spots where he'd been licking and chewing. I'm hoping that the very bitter taste discourages him from licking and chewing, plus hope the tea heals his skin and stops/reduces the chronic itching.

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  1. Hi John, You say you added the Magic 8 Allergy Tea to his food...was this once or for 2-3 weeks daily? My dog has the same allergies and this year is the worst it's every been. I'm going out looking for your Magic 8 Allergy Tea today. Thank you for the tips.