Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I just made a version of those "cultured veggies" that Donna shared that link to using what I have on hand: store bought onion, onion leaves, carrot roots and leaves, daikon roots and leaves, garlic, dried kelp, green papaya, Granny Smith apple, sweet potato, touch of brown sugar to feed the bacteria, touch of plain kefir to add 12 bacteria to those on the veggies, about 2 teaspoons of salt, Chinese cabbage and Morris Heading collards leaves, topped with bottled water (I've been told that my Brita filter does not remove chlorine). My food processor has just one blade, a chipping vs. shredding blade, so the texture is much coarser than hers in that link. I'll leave both jars out a room temp for a week, put one in the fridge, leave the other out full time to see what happens. Thanks for that link and the one for using cultured veggies to make that seaweed dip!

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