Friday, April 13, 2012

Woo Hoo!

Yesterday Mary Jo and I used her two Saws Alls to clear out my SE corner long afflicted by branches coming in from two foreclosed properties! We cut back hard the poor moringa that had struggled in ever increasing shade, I fed the soil then gave the area a deep watering. Today I will build a hugel kultur mound there to keep the soil moist and fertile long term. I made quite a few cuttings from the lanky branches and stuck a few in pots, the rest widely scattered in the south and west bed. Next to pull up the last of the carpet I laid down years ago when it was to be an inventory area for potted roses, then plant several papayas and sprig the whole area with Satsuma Imo Japanese sweet potatoes. I might also plant a calabaza  at the base of the moringa.

TECO sent a tree trimming company into the neighborhood this week to trim branches close to power lines.....with my blessings they hacked off a LOT of my menacing tree-formed Rosa bracteata in my front east bed, and I am daily cutting it back more and more until I will end up with the trunk and a tuft of branches on top to let it grow in the shape of a mushroom but MUCH smaller than it is now. Until it got too big I loved sitting in the shade beneath it in a scavenged, green plastic and very comfortable lawn chair.

Where ever I look in my formerly dumpy yard I see increasing order and tidiness! This will also result in much greater productivity, both for my own personal diet, to share with friends and to sell from my Front Porch Honor System to boost my income. And when I resume teaching classes, students will see something they'd want to emulate vs. avoid!

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