Friday, April 20, 2012

I had a delightful night at Roosevelt 2.0 tonight even before Joel Salatin gave a great presentation, seeing good folks like Pam Lunn, Tom Carroll, Jon and Debbie Butts, Robin Milcowitz, Donna Sue Wallace, Eric Stewart, Ryan Iacovacci, Jungle Jay and more. At the reception upstairs folks mingled over finger food and drinks....I had my first martini since 1977 back when I'd get them at Rough Riders where I worked while an HCC art major....I liked it so much I had another! The food by three chefs was superb, the service by volunteers was impeccable, and I enjoyed getting to know folks around me as we ate. Hosts Robin and Ryan and Eddie Shumard did a great job tying it all together and leading the night towards Joel's excellent and, near the end, impassioned talk. Afterwards I got to meet him briefly, thank him for teaching me about the rotational grazing that has eliminated 99.9% of my formerly nightmarish back yard and gardens weed problems, and gave him an envelope of Molokhiya seeds to try on Polyface Farms. Many thanks to the many UNSEEN people who clearly worked hard to create a wonderful evening that I hope raise needed funds for TUFF, Dancing Goat Farms, Birdhouse Buying Club and more while inspiring people to know and grow their own food.

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