Friday, April 20, 2012

A friend of mine here in south Tampa who farmed in Dade City for 20 years and I have recently discussed the paradox that so many worthwhile efforts based on "Sustainable Living" themselves don't seem to be sustainable, often operating at a loss or a tiny level of profit, very often dependent, such as last night's wonderful event at Roosevelt 2.0, on people working for free, donating money and time. My own long defunct newsletter THE GARDEN DOCTOR, despite good reviews in many publications, never supported itself, much less me, and I see very energetic idealistic young people burning their candles at both ends, trying to make the world a better place while trying to meet their own fiscal and physiological and emotional needs. Farmers I know are almost always exhausted. I'd like to offer hosting a potluck at my small modest home where we could discuss this phenomenon of bringing financial sustainability to efforts promoting sustainable living. Maybe a dozen people could be comfortable in my living room...if more are interested in something like this maybe we could meet at a larger home. Joel Salatin did well financially last night....I wonder how many others did too since the servers, chefs, bartenders and more I gather all donated their time and services? Any thoughts on this?

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