Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sweet Potato Propagation

Last week I picked a fistful of shoots in my sweet potato patch and set them in a tub of rainwater to root. I am pretty sure they are the Satsuma Imo purple Japanese sweet potatoes I have grown especially fond of, but they might also include Puerto Rico Gold. I will check them for roots today and if they are doing well I plant them here and there in my southeast bed and south/southwest beds. Today I will take sprigs from my "Filipino White" in my west bed by the bee hive and plant some in 1 gallon pots to sell in a few weeks, then plant a few throughout that west bed to act as an edible, weed-choking groundcover this summer. "Filipino White" (my made up name) bears leaves that are especially tender and succulent raw or cooked. Cooked they are virtually identical to, if not superior to, spinach, plus are free of oxalic acid and have more Vitamin A. One photo is of when I grew "Filipino White" out front in my east bed to control weeds when I summered in Denver some years back, the other shows the harvest I got one fall from just one sweet potato planted in my center bed out back.

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