Saturday, April 21, 2012

Experiment: my farming friend Pat dropped off several old logs too far gone to burn a few weeks ago...quite light weight, almost corky. I soaked them for a day in the chickens' main watering trough starting yesterday since they were bone dry sponges...they are now heavy and wet and saturated, buried in a new small hugel kultur pit just inside that new stretch of the goat fencing that has kept, AT LAST, the chickens out of the west bed I've been revamping after rotational grazing by chickens (inspired by Joel Salatin) has ELIMINATED the hyper-aggressive Starre grass and bidens from that bed. I planted a few Chirimen squash seeds (Cucurbita moschata) between two buried logs, and about 5 Sword Bean (Canavalia gladiata) seeds on the east side of the mound right next to a buried log. At the bottom of the 2 foot deep pit are a few fistfuls of hair from a rough summer trimming of Cracker today to provide slow release nitrogen, plus a small amount of feed grade urea and tropical 10-10-10 with trace elements from my Dad's house....atop the mound I sprinkled some of Black Kow's new high nitrogen organic fertilizer they sent me to test. Next came a slow deep soaking from one of my beloved "shower head sprinklers" I see only at Lowe's for years now. If in fact we get a 2 inch soaker tomorrow, it will do wonders for this experiment while nurturing the wonderful progress occurring in my front yard, plus the east and south beds out back.

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