Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Occupy your garden...

Bush got into the White House, twice, via tampered-with elections. He tried to block a 9-11 Commission until survivors of those who died pressed legal action...the commission then blocked all inquiry into Saudi involvement and ignored completely the free fall collapse of Building 7 into its own footprint. Bush, Rice, Powell, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld and more lied us into attacking and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan in order to control their resources under the guise of "bringing democracy" to those nations. To date they've been exempt from prosecution for violating the U.S. Constitution, the Geneva Conventions, the UN charter to which the U.S. is a founding signator, not to mention simple human decency. They enjoy book deals, lush taxpayer funded retirement and health care plans, and huge annual lifetime pensions.

But if I grow a cannabis plant in my garden, I risk time in prison. 

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