Friday, April 6, 2012


Over the years I've nibbled wild espazote and did not like the taste or smell. A very robust plant has appeared in my south bed where I propagate plants and raise them for sale, and I have a nearly full bag of "Pink Beans" I bought to try growing some of. I've heard for years that this native herb is wonderful in bean dishes plus makes you fart less (good thing as I am easily responsible for 20% of the world's methane output!). I was reminded by a post on Facebook today that I have not used my crock pot in years, and so today while I tackle a LONG to-do list (my gym in closed for the holiday) I will give this recipe a try, substituting the pink beans for the pinto beans.


  1. Try the leaves of the brussel sprout plant. They are tasty (may be an acquired taste).

  2. Yes I've eaten their leaves and broccoli and cauliflower etc.leaves all my life...the leaves of any Brassica veggie are edible and tasty and nutritious.