Monday, April 9, 2012

Cheap Doggy Treats

I used to make versions of these all the time for Sweety, so yesterday I made the first batch for Cracker. When ever I boil marrow bones for my dog I save and freeze the broth. Yesterday I thawed two of those plus broth from the last rooster I boiled, simmered them together on low in a sauce pan with a hearty splash each of roasted sesame oil and Thai fish sauce. Next in went a good dusting of food grade diatomaceous earth to provide dietary silica, stirred in thoroughly. I dumped a bag of Publix brand dog biscuits into my big stainless steel soup pot, poured most of the broth slowly over them all, let sit a while to cool and absorb the broth, then put them in a long Pyrex baking dish and a skillet to dry atop the stove overnight. Next I will bake them at 350 for about 30 minutes to make them dry and hard and crunchy, let cool, then store in a large cookie jar a neighbor gave me. MUCH cheaper than the 'Meaty Bone' I used to buy Sweety (I tasted one once....VERY little flavor, mostly food coloring!) and more nutritious

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