Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free Chicken Food

Years ago the east bed I've been revamping lately was originally going to be an inventory area for potted roses, and so I covered nearly all it with scavenged carpet to choke out the original sod of Bahia grass and weeds. Pulling it out has been a chore. The pile of it in the chicken pathway is daunting....what to do? I will cut one piece into segments that I will wrap the 15 gallon Water Wise Container Gardens  with to protect the plastic from UV for years to come. A few small pieces will go into the garbage can. The rest will be layered in that main path in front of the hen house with weeds and kitchen scraps, probably two layers of carpet total. Once the rains kick in those buried organic wastes will become home to vast numbers of pill bugs and some in summers past, about once a month, in view of the chickens, I will pull back one layer of carpet and they will dash over and feast. Then I will pull back the next layer of carpet for a repeat feeding. Back down goes more weeds and waste, the two layers of carpet go back down, repeat as needed.

Waste not want not!

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