Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Wonderfully Creative Positive Music Video

I am so thankful to a guy in the cars forum I have enjoyed for years   ( ) who had noted my fondness for the trippy, psychedelic aspects of life and so sent me privately a link to a wonderful video called 'Fall' by the 1980s Australian women's group 'Single Gun Theory', a wonderful video I relish several times each time I get altered on cannabis and a few drinks. He said he loved it back then when he still indulged in cannabis and felt sure I'd like it too. He could have not been more correct.  I love how they fashioned so many of their songs around women from other cultures singing and chanting traditional songs. This one, 'I Am What I See', for me, exudes a hopeful, positive expansiveness made all the more vibrant by the very impressive, trippy shifting visuals they achieved way back then with 80s technology. Enjoy, John

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