Sunday, March 13, 2011

Iodine Followup from a Gardening Forum I Belong to.....

"Be cautious with iodine; many people have bad reactions to such a high dose. In order to protect your thyroid from the radioactivity you must completely saturate the thyroid with iodine. I believe the dose would be a whole bottle of high potency pills. The body only normally needs iodine in parts per billion, so please be very cautious!


My intent was to get the word out about an option that protected millions of people in Poland with VERY few negative reactions, so that folks can then look into the matter and decide for themselves. I have researched iodine HEAVILY for a few years now and have seen amazing benefits for pets and people, including full reversal of hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's, diabetes, breast and uterine cysts, heart palpitations and more. Iodine is a CRUCIAL human nutrient...the endocrine system can not function correctly without it. Doctors are very poorly trained in nutrition; for one to tell us we are "allergic" to iodine is equivalent to telling us we are allergic to vitamin C or oxygen. I have friends told this by doctors...... one DEVELOPED hypothyroidism DUE to following the doc's advice to avoid ALL iodine...of course he's made a fortune "treating" her and giving her T3 and T4 tests. Turns out my friends are allergic to SHRIMP, LOBSTER and CRABS due to proteins in them, not the iodine. I've looked into this matter and over and over I see it is compounds associated WITH the iodine that causes the allergy, NOT the iodine itself. Again my hope is that in case a radioactive plume crosses the Pacific, people know how Poland benefited from these tabs that Japan is now giving its people as we sit here in case they choose to protect themselves and their loved ones similarly. John

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