Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One More Use for My Solar Shower Water Heater

My Dad knows I LOVE eating octopus and squid, and bought and froze for me over 20 pounds of each at the remarkable prices of $1.99 a pound for frozen, cleaned whole octopus, and $3.99 a pound for cleaned squid rings and tubes......and he wouldn't let me pay him back! So once back here from visting him in Okeechobee I had to do some VERY creative re-arranging of the contents of the big freezer that Dad gave me...but I got it all to fit! With that much octopus and squid I feel like Warren Buffet, and love having the option of opening up the freezer to take some out on impulse....and my solar shower water heater does a great job of emergency thawing of frozen foods too.


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