Sunday, March 13, 2011

Iodine Question from a Gardening Forum I Belong To....


I have looked into iodine myself as I have hypothyroidism. Where is a reputable place to purchase iodine pills from? I have managed to find every option out there that promises wonders, but none seem reputable. I am interested in trying it to see if it will get me off my thyroid meds that I have a really hard time taking. The side effects of hot flashes and sweats are not much fun in the dead of summer here in Florida.

Thanks John!!!!


For over a hundred years many people have taken Lugol's Solution. Others simply swab the tincture on a 2 inch square on their thigh or forearm weekly to be absorbed as needed. Many take Iodoral tablets....I often take the 12.5 mg ones but usually take 32.5 mg. potassium iodide tablets from Source Naturals. I daily add a few drops of the tincture to my food and my pets' food....the skull and crossbones on that bottle our Moms treated our cuts with got put there about 70 years ago by big pharm bribing congressman as people were too successful self treating many medical problems with it and/or Lugol's Solution. For a wonderful overview of the many benefits of iodine supplementation go to the Linus Pauling Institute website; click on Minerals then Iodine, though I disagree with their agreeing with the Fed's RDA of 120 MICROGRAMS daily as most developed nations have an RDA for iodine 83-100 times higher than that. Coastal Japanese who eat the old way of kelp and seafood daily average 42 MILLIGRAMS daily and have stellar health. Young Japanese reject that way of eating and want crappy fast food so the Japanese gov't mandates that iodine be added to chicken feed so that the eggs and meat act as a substitute for kelp, etc. In the late 1800s mainstream doctors called iodine "The Master Nutrient"....and I agree. I've met SO many women who've cured their thyroid issues with iodine after years of doctors failing to with meds, surgery and threats of killing their thyroids with radiation. I'm not a doctor, just a curious man interested in the basis of sound health, hence growing most of my own food, and I encourage people to do their own personal research before beginning iodine supplementation. I will take 13 more of the 130 mg. Life Extension tabs over the next 13 days in case one or more Japanese reactors release radiation plumes. John

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