Friday, March 18, 2011

Fennel Cubes for Summer Sauces

Years ago when I was a strict vegetarian I learned a cool trick...add sage and fennel to spaghetti sauce to partially replicate the taste of Italian works! I have been an omnivore for years now for health reasons (I am sickly as vegan and vegetarian) but due to my cheapness I rarely splurge on Italian sausage, so often rely on those two herbs. Here in Tampa fennel is a winter annual that succumbs to spring plants growing in a large Water Wise Container Garden in my kitchen garden have just begun to bolt. So today I will buzz the tender foliage and buds with water in my blender, then pour the anisey green puree into ice cube trays to freeze. Tomorrow I will pop the fennel cubes into a plastic bag in my big freezer so I can indulge in that taste treat on the hottest of summer days this year. In Denver I did this in summer using basil leaves.


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