Friday, March 25, 2011

I Am The Eggman.....

Muscovy Duck Hen Breasts - Frozen

Well, one of my new chickens hatched from an egg produced here has JUST begun to lay...look how cutely tiny her eggs are!

And my other female Muscovy duck has laid a BIG clutch of eggs.....I am AMAZED how many one duck can hold! Since past clutches were plagued by predation or very poor hatch rates either in the nest or the incubator, I risked attack from the utterly vicious male now heroically protecting TWO nests ( I swear he NEVER sleeps...maybe that's one reason he is SO grumpy and mean!) and took two of the new eggs the day after they were laid. Bigger and rounder than chicken eggs with MUCH harder shells that I REALLY had to whack to crack open. I cooked them in olive oil with garlic and seasalt...very pleasant. The yolks were stronger flavored, and the whites much firmer, than chicken eggs. I may well do this in the future with new a few, leave the rest in hopes they hatch as I like the idea of an occasional roasted duck, especially if I perfect the solar oven I am casually thinking up.

First Egg

                                          Fresh Muscovy Duck Eggs


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